About us


Saritha Girilal is the founder of “Miracle Beauty Clinic and Hairstudio” in Paravur,Kollam. She got married in the early ages while she was doing her diploma course and her life continued as a typical house wife in South India, Kerala. Since a young age, the world of fashion and glitz enticed her. The power to transform oneself and to enhance our natural beauty was enchanting. That was the beginning of her journey to become the most preferred and best makeup artist in Kollam, Kerela. Ever since, she taught herself how to perform the art of make-up whenever she got the chance. Later, she pursued a course in Makeup, Cosmetology and International Hairstyling. Adopting the concept of beauty care Saritha opened her first beauty clinic in 2010, “Miracle Beauty Clinic And Hair Studio”. After starting her new venture she didn’t stop her continous learning on beauty care. She attended alot of professional beauty seminars in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore etc. All these professional make-up courses added immensely to her expertise and repertoire of providing her clients with varied styles. Her decision to conduct professional makeup training classes come from her interest to impart what she learnt to other keen learners. Also, when she started out, she faced a lot of problems finding genuine professionals who would teach all the beauty techniques and makeup methods. In her quest to stay up to date with all the trends, that is why she conduct training classes to give all her knowledge to her trainees.